Tips to Help Kids Wear Face Masks

Kid wearing Face Mask

In the last few months our world has drastically changed. We are doing things that we never expected before. People are wearing a mask while going outside because of Covid-19. It’s an important way to slow down the spread of the virus.     

Initially, It was mostly Health workers, Nurses, and Patients who wore masks. According to the latest guideline by health organizations everyone (Adults and kids) should wear masks. But now, as other people wear masks, more and more kids are starting to notice them. For kids, this is a new and little scary thing when they need to put it on. 

Make them feel comfort by doing some extra efforts like:

  • Use simple words to explain why people are wearing masks.
  • Give them some time to look, watch and analyse what’s new.
  • Answer their questions and give them some necessary information.
  • Give Support.

Young Children and Toddlers who are not old enough to understand this pandemic may feel uncomfortable about masks, so they need some extra support from their parents. Parents can help to make them feel comfortable and even fun to wear masks.

Why do some Young Kids Feel Scary about masks?

Mostly Young Kids rely on faces. From the time they are babies they look at the face for signals and feel safe. 

When someone puts a mask on his face it covers his face and kids can’t see the friendly smile or familiar face which usually makes them feel safe and normal. When they can’t see the person’s whole face they don’t feel safe and it’s natural for young kids. 

With some extra support and efforts of their parents they can feel comfortable and learn something that seemed scary at first is not scary at all.

Use these tips if Your Children feels scary of wearing a face covering

  • Put on the face mask on their favourite stuffed animal or superhero.
  • Show your Children pictures of other children wearing face masks.
  • Decorating face masks so they are more personalized.
  • Practice wearing a mask at home to help your child get used to it.
  • Draw one of their favourite book character with a face mask.
  • Have a few masks handy while they play.