MangaDex website taken offline following cyber-attack, data breach

Last week to last week the site reported that a cyberattacker had gained access to an administrative account, “through the reuse of a session token found in an old database leak through faulty configuration of session management.”

After remediating the issue by clearing all sessions globally, the site’s builders took a look at the code that runs MangaDex, trying to patch any vulnerabilities they came across as they went along. However, while the code review was ongoing, the same adversary was then able to access one of MangaDex’s developer accounts, stealing the site’s version-three source code. The attacker’s likely motivation was to cause “maximum disruption” to the site, according to MangaDex.

MangaDex, a more ethical scanlation site?

Unlike most scanlation sites, MangaDex serves as a hosting site for scanlators to upload their work. MangaDex is run through a donation system and is essentially non-profit. Many manga readers, individual and group scanlators patronize MangaDex because it recognizes the source of scanlations.

in contrast, many scanlation sites act as aggregators, collecting other scanlators’ content without due credits. They then make a profit out of it through ads or sometimes charging readers to download the content.

Manga scanlation giant MangaDex has been temporarily shut down after suffering a cyberattack and having its source code stolen.

MangaDex is one of the largest manga scanlation (scanned translations) sites where visitors can read manga comics online for free. According to SimilarWeb, MangaDex is the 179th most frequently visited site on the web, with over 76 million visitors per month.

After suffering a series of outages since March 17th, MangaDex revealed  that a threat actor had gained access to an admin and developer account, as well as the source code to the site.

According to an announcement now showing on, a threat actor gained access to the site after stealing an admin user’s session token through a website vulnerability. 

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Protect Your Data Online

This once again proves the importance of protecting your data and identity online.

The best way to protect yourself online is using an Anonymous Email Address along with a VPN. A quality VPN will hide your IP Address and make it impossible for hackers, website operators, or your ISP to monitor your activity.

Check out our VPN guide below for more information and everything you need to know about protecting your online identity. Overall, it will be interesting to see what happens with the MangaDex website in the near future and how they operate moving forward.

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