Major Cybersecurity Risks of Working From Home

Cybersecurity Risks of working from home

Due to this Pandemic, a number of people are working from home. People are dealing with everything like from childcare to simply trying a quiet place for a business call or to get work done. Our homes are our new offices and to keep things going, we are using new systems. 

At this time, the boundaries between professional and personal life are breaking down. All the work is being done with home ISPs and with unsecured routers.

With all these changes, new security threats are surfacing. Because now we are more vulnerable, some old attacks have been brought back. Traditional security measures that have been used daily to protect the whole organization for years are not useful anymore. These security measures can’t protect a fully remote staff without adaption. It means we need to rethink about security and protect our business from modern threats

The most important factor of effective security in a time of change is to understand when you can do anything, you can’t do everything. The main task of security is not to eliminate all risks, because all the threats are not equally dangerous. Discuss the risk early and check all systems on a regular basis. Risks will be changed everyday or every day you will face a new risk.

The Four major risk businesses can face in this period of adjustment :

Home Network Security

It is clear that most home networks are already infected with malware or compromised hardware that can easily be attacked. Home networks are opposite to the office environment. In an office, IT can secure all Wi-Fi networks but home networks probably could have weaker protocols. This allows hackers to easily enter into the network. 

Phishing attacks

The top cause of most data breaches are phishing attacks. The hacker just needs to send a deceptive email with malicious links and attachments. Once an employee clicks one of the links, a hacker becomes able to gain access to the employer’s device.

Information can be used

In the past weeks, most attackers have targeted human weaknesses. For example, firstly they develop a malicious mobile app and it seems like it  has been developed by the World Health organization. A person who is not aware about these types of threats can easily trap into this. Once the app is installed, the application downloads some banking malware like trojan to steal sensitive data. These types of threats are used to weaponize information because they can easily be done with fake apps. In normal conditions, hackers had to plan their cons for diverse interests, but right now the whole world is under the Covid-19 pandemic. This shared crisis has made this easy for hackers, but with the right education and awareness, we can defend our devices. 

Communications outside the network

During this pandemic more employees are working from home.Instead of in-person meetings, they are using the phone, email, and instant messaging communication systems. 

The company should ensure that the systems or apps they are using remains encrypted and secured. Along with that some employees may try to communicate outside of the normal company communication system, such as text messages on personal devices or on social media. These types of communications can be a risk to the organization. So, Employers should remind their employees of these risks and should guide them where and how they can discuss work related material.