Canon became Next Target of a Ransomware Attack


After Garmin, another multinational corporation Canon is hitted by a ransomware attack. The attack was launched by a Ransomware group, named, the Maze. 

This Gang has leaked the Canon U.S.A data online. According to researchers, in April this Cyber gang “Maze” had created a dedicated web page, in which they added a list of its non-cooperative victims who don’t pay ransoms and regularly share samples of stolen data. 

This list includes details of different companies, including law firms, medical service providers and insurance companies, that haven’t fulfilled their demands. And now, according to a report, Canon is added to the list. 

The leaked data consists of a single file with 2.2 gb worth of marketing data and videos. The file has been compiled into an archive called “”. The Maze Gang said that this file represents 5 percent of all of the data stolen from the Canon. This seems as a warning shot, because no financial information, employee data or other sensitive data is included. 

According to reports at the time, the company had sent a note to their employees. Which confirmed blame ransomware for the outages across its main U.S. website, email, collaboration platforms and various internal systems. 

A screenshot of which has been posted by the outlet “Canon U.S.A, Inc. and its subsidiaries understand the importance of maintaining the operational integrity and security of our systems. Access to some Canon systems is currently unavailable as a result of a ransomware incident we recently discovered. This is unrelated to the recent issue which affected image canon.”

The ransomware gang “Maze” has taken the credit for this outage and claimed to have lifted 10 terabytes of data. 

Tiagi Henriques, Coalition’s GM of customer security, said that “Maze is a particularly malicious strain of the ransomware, these hackers claim to steal their target’s data each time and threaten to release it publicly, if the target company refuses to pay the ransom.”

He also said, “we have seen that maze demands are approximately five-and-a-half times larger than the overall average.”

After this attack, the USA website was down and was showing a picture of a hot air-balloon and text “Our heads aren’t in the clouds. We’re just busy updating our site. Please check back soon! In the Meantime, please visit us at: Canon Online Store or Canon Forum.”

Which means, other Canon assets, including its global website, were unaffected.