Can We Avoid Ransomware Attack? If yes, then how?

Avoid Ransomware Attack

Today’s world is mostly connected to the cyber world and with the facilities of this world, there are many problems with it. The most dangerous problem is cyber or ransomware attacks. So many news regarding Cyber attacks are coming in these days. Ransomware attackers recently attacked medical and healthcare providers, Governments and businesses worldwide. Ransomware attacks can happen at any time, from anywhere. World is already facing a big epidemic(Covid-19) and on the other side these cyber attackers are making a big trouble for the world. To avoid ransomware attack we have to get some knowledge about it.

Can we protect our business from Ransomware Attack?

Yes! cyber attacks can be prevented if companies implement cybersecurity guidelines and start practicing them. Most of all companies in world are estimated the loss by cyber attacks 

It cost many more to a company than its annual profit. With the critical situations, cybercriminals have become more powerful to fix new sophisticated ransomware attacks. It is good to implementing cybersecurity practices now so as to reduce the emerging cyber risks

To avoid ransomware attack we should use following measures and every employees should learn these pratices:

1. They should start training employees with security awareness training to create a cyber-resilient working culture and

2. There should be a strong password policy to reduce risks of password sharing at work and the habit of password reuse.

3. Updation vulnerable plug-ins on a regular basis to prevent any kind of virus attack.

4. Should not download any data or software from unsecured websites. 

5. Should not click on links or attachments that come within unsolicited or unrequired emails.

These measures can prevent or play down the cyber attacks. Some companies also provide service for data protection and data management e.g.Commvault is a software company that works for data protection and data management, headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Another is Veritas Technologies, which is an America based company headquartered in Santa Clara, California and started in 1983 renamed Veritas Software. Some others are Dell, Veeam and Rubrik etc.

The world is changing very quickly, we can’t say surely what someone will do next, so let’s see how ransomware will change in the coming years? 

Ransomware that targets the cloud is here. and we can expect that in  the next one to two years, this evolution will  accelerate, with the emergence of a whole new generation of  ransomware.

By the last few years a popular service RAAS known as Ransomware as a Service. RaaS means a hacker makes a ransomware code and sells it to inexperienced hackers. 

Ransomware’s creator got some profit from them, these hackers use the code to carry out their own ransomware attacks.Since RaaS is profitable and gives opportunities to deploy ransomware attacks, we can predict that these types of attacks will increase in the coming years.