Another data breach in Slickwraps

A company which makes vinyl skins for mobiles, tablets and other electronic devices announced that the company suffered a data breach.  

Many customers received an email which was sent by a hacker and data was stolen. 

This is weird how the hacker breached the Slickwraps system. The hacker just read a blog from his anonymous fellow hacker and hacked the system without knowing any Vulnerability. Which proves that maybe the security system was too bad which is wide open for breaches like this. 

According to Slickwraps, the customer data in some of the country’s non-product databases was “mistakenly made public via an exploit” and those databases were accessed by an unauthorized party. They further said that accessed information only includes names, emails and addresses and it did not include financial data. 

Slickwraps claimed that your personal and passwords are secured and not compromised.

The company suggested all the users change their passwords for Slickwraps accounts. 

After the data breach, CEO of Slickwraps posted an apology video on twitter where he announced the company has already started work on a new website with a new phone case customization page which launched in this year. 

Slickwraps also mentions that various emails were sent to customers and that emails were sent by hacker from Some Twitter users have shared that hacked email on their tweets. 

The person who sent these emails told that they learned how to access Slickwraps data by reading a now deleted medium post which was posted by an individual. A twitter user tweeted that the Slickwraps system has a vulnerability which allows anyone to upload any file to any location in the highest directory on the server.