5 Biggest Cyber Attacks of 2020

Many things make the year 2020 remarkable in many ways, one of these is an increment in cyber attacks. The unrivaled opportunity to cyber attackers given by the Covid-19 pandemic to hack and break down the organizations’ IT infrastructure. Most organizations adopted the work-from-home working module, which has been ascribed to the rise of cyber attacks. 

A key role to make way for the data breaches in 2020 has played by the security gap between the home and office network. Due to this issue this may result in the theft of confidential information, connecting to the loss of millions of dollars for breached organizations.

Nowadays, more innovative ideas to set a new trend by cyber attackers in ransomware attack, phishing, cryptojacking IoT attack, etc. Just as a security research firm, 81 global firms from 81 countries reported data breaches in the first half of 2020 alone.  

Actually, the increase in cyber attacks this year is seen by 80% of firms. A 238% rise in cyber attacks on banks only blamed on Coronavirus. Since the end of February, phishing attacks have seen a dramatic increase of 600%. 

The Top 5 Cyber Attacks of 2020

Now we know how cyber attacks have dramatically increased today. Let us discuss now about the five major cyber attacks that have happened in 2020 till now. These shocking cyber attacks have crushed some famous organizations across the world.

Software AG Ransomware Attack  

Software AG is the seventh-largest in Europe and the second-largest software vendor in Germany has been reportedly hit by a ransomware attack in October 2020. The German tech firm has been attacked by the Clop ransomware reported by ZDNet and more than $20 million ransom demanded by the cyber-criminal gang.    

The company has still not recovered from the attack completely, said in a report. The ransomware attack disrupted a part of its internal network disclosed by the company. Instead, the services to its customers, including cloud-based services, remained unaffected. The reports also said that the company also tried to negotiate with the attackers, but it all went in vain.

A statement released by Software AG, the company is in the process of restoring its system and database for resuming orderly operation.

Sopra Steria Ransomware Attack

On the evening of 20th October the French IT service giant Sopra Steria was attacked by ransomware, as confirmed by the company. The virus which is a new version of the Ryuk ransomware and previously unknown to cyber security providers, company Sopra Banking Software identified and it is a fintech business.    

It was able to confine the attack to a limited part of its IT framework claimed by Sopra Steria, despite it catching the attack after a few days. However, following an in-depth investigation, the company did not identify any damage caused or leaked data to its customers. 

One of the most inventive ransomware is Ryuk which has already targeted organizations like a US defense contractor, EWA, and Prosegur, a Spanish logistics firm.

Telegram Hijack

Hackers gained access to Telegram messenger and email data of some big names in the cryptocurrency business, in September 2020. Signaling System 7 (SS7) used by hackers, it is used for connecting mobile networks across the world, to hack the data. 

As per the cyber security experts, the hackers were most probably after two-factor authentication (2FA) login codes. They sent up the short message service center (SMSC) of mobile network operators to send a request on location updates to at least 20 targeted high-profile victims.

The hackers were most probably after two-factor authentication (2FA) login codes, according to cyber security experts. They parodied the short message service center (SMSC) of mobile network operators to send a request for location updates to at least 20 targeted high-profile victims.

To obtain cryptocurrency this attack is believed to have occurred. In the cryptocurrency community, this type of cyber attack is well known, but the users are generally aware of such requests.

Hence, than SMS or call-based 2FA in the cryptocurrency community there are better authentication methods. The thought of cyber security experts is, telecom standards must move away from using protocols like SS7, which cannot resolve modern issues.    

Seyfarth Shaw Malware Attack   

A Chicago based leading global legal firm, Seyfarth Shaw LLP, became a victim of an “aggressive malware” attack. The firm later confirmed that this attack was a ransomware attack. On the date of October 10, 2020 the cyber attack reportedly took place and downed the firm’s email system completely, as per a statement published by the company. 

There was no evidence of client data or firm data, unauthorized access or removal, claimed by the firm in its statement. Instead of that there were many systems found encrypted, following which the firm shut down all of those as a precautionary measure. 

The FBI has already started an investigation and the global legal firm notified law enforcement. Aside from this, there is no further information revealed on how the attack occurred and what family of ransomware hit the firm.  

Carnival Corporation Data Breach  

Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise line operator reported a data breach due to a ransomware attack that took place in the month of August 2020. The confidential information of customers, employees, and crew members stolen by hackers at the time of the attack.

An ransomware attack detected by the company that breached and encrypted one of its brand’s IT infrastructure, On August 15, 2020. After the attack, the cruise line operator notified law enforcement and cyber security experts and hired legal counsel and launched an investigation.